The Emotion Code and You

Imagine yourself being a ‘sponge’ absorbing other peoples’ emotions and feelings and how some of these emotions could be affecting  you in a negative way.

Avoid absorbing negative emotions from others by following these tips:

Attract your Soulmate

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Find out how the Power of Your Name, Your Life Path Number play a detrimental role in finding your true soulmate.

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Free Yourself from Limitations

Attend a life changing experience: the 4 Pillars of Authentic Awakening with Thomas Huebl.

Are your daily relationships a source of stress or empowering you to live as the highest expression of who you are ?

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Ask Life Changing Questions

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Your Spiritual Formula For Miracles

Simple techniques in Theta Healing will transform your life :

-A scientific, step-by-step process to clear your conscious
and subconscious blocks to health, wealth, love, and success

-How your body’s cellular memory is affecting your
subconscious mind

-A balance of science and spiritual techniques to discover
your “inner millionaire”

-Learn a formula for creating miracles in your own life
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Your Message: Connect and Share

Connect to your Message and share your voice , create habits for massive profits.

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Energy Shifting Exercises

Learn how to apply the BioEnergetics of healing to clear unresolved subconscious emotions for sustainable health and deep joy in life.

See yourself differently by integrating your past experiences.

Manifest internal and external courage and clarity.

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Become Magnetic and Attract LOVE

Do you want to attract and sustain a lasting and loving relationship?

Do you want to learn about identifying and releasing the hidden barriers to  love?

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Grow Your Self-Confidence for your Success

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The Wisdom Show: Event

Listen online every wednesday and thursday to leaders in spirituality, human potential, personal development, health, relationships…The speakers are

Gregg  Braden, Dr Susan Shumsky, Dr Bradley Nelson etc.  The event is organised by Jean Swann and you can get access to the program, for free,  by signing here:

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