A Caution About Love Spells

Love Spells can call upon magick to provide powerful results. However, with such power, you must exercise due caution. Messing about with the primordial forces of the universe and human heart can be a tricky thing!

Love spells are extremely popular. It is understandable that everyone wants to be loved and find love. Still, do not let loneliness or powerful desires cloud your judgment. Like many other aspects of life, what provides a quick and easy solution may bear hidden costs.

Free will must taken into consideration. It is possible to force a person to fall in love with you, or more accurately to fall into a state that approximates loves. Free will is a difficult, nearly impossible, aspect of the human psyche to overcome. The victim will constantly, if unconsciously, struggle against their spiritual slavery. The amount magickal force necessary to maintain the state is dangerous and can result in unhealthy, even life-threatening obsessions.

It is best to appeal to fate and  seek out your soulmate. The fates have already provided you with a soulmate. Good love spells will appeal to the universe to deliver that which it already wants to deliver to you: the love of your soulmate. This avoids any problems of impinging on free will and works in harmony with the natural design of our world.

The most ethical and effective love spells rely on attractive power. They effectively turn you into a magnet for love. Some discretion is necessary, as this attractive power will also appeal to some who are not your fated soulmate. I recommend that you consult with your Love Stars and/or seek out a quality Tarot reading to help provide you with guidance.

Synchronicity is another key element of Love Magick. “Synchronicity” basically means being in just the right place at exactly the right time. Potent love spells will change the probabilities in order to help make sure you end up at that right place at that right time. It will seem like a random stroke of luck or a happy coincidence.

Love magick can help bring your soulmate into your life. However, be cautious and wise when using love spells to bring your happiness. Respect free will and trust in the universe’s plan for you; you will find find and happiness.

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