Learning About Love Magick

I remember when I first learned about Love Magick. I was a bit younger and more naive in those days, making a few mistakes along the way.

There are numerous faiths and magickal traditions in the world. Each of them approaches love magick in its own way. However, there are a couple of major traditions and practices that account for most of the practice in the West. There are both Love Spells and Divination techniques that are used as part of love magick.

Wicca is one of the largest and most obvious faith traditions to use love magick. Most of the love spells you can find or have someone perform are Wiccan magick. Wicca is a highly ethical, Earth-centered faith. It is most likely to appeal to the fates and work on non-forceful principles.

Ceremonial magick is another major mystical tradition. It is extremely diverse, ranging from Christian mystics to pagan zealots to Satanic warlocks. Rosicrucians and Freemasons practice ceremonial magick as part of their traditions. Before performing any ceremonial love spells, be sure to find out how it works and what ethical boundaries their traditions possess. While many ceremonial love charms are non-forceful and harmless, some do attempt to foolishly bend the universe to the spell-worker’s will.

The Tarot deck is one of the best known divination tools. It is also an important feature of love spells, especially in ceremonial traditions. They have the ability to reveal particular details that will help you choose more effective love charms and better focus during the performance of love magick.

Astrology is another key form of divination. Love Stars and love signs provide obvious guidance in finding your true love. They can provide hints and clues about your soulmate. They can also help you better time your love spells for maximum effect.

This is only a brief introduction to love magick. Should you wish to learn more, you should purchase some relevant books from a reputable publisher like Weiser or Llewellyn. A little bit of knowledge and research will go a long way in helping you better understand it.

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