The Use Of Colors In Magick

Colors and their symbolism take a large role in the practice of magick. However, remember that all of the tools and symbols in the world could vanish today and magick would still exist. Colors, like any other tool, is simply an aid to help you focus and cast spells effectively. They are especially useful when first starting out to help you steady your concentration and the contemplation of your goals.

One important aspect to bear in mind is the impact of particular colors on how you feel. If a color is unpleasant, carries bad memories, or makes you feel other negative emotions, avoid using it unless that feeling is appropriate. For example, feeling sadness for a dead loved one during Samhain (Halloween, or All Saints Day) is perfectly OK. The emotional effect of colors should not be underestimated.

Black is used as a repelling power, to banish curses and negative influences. It is also used for self-reflection and spells involving hidden things.

Blue is the color of tranquility, peace, and patience. It is used in calming spells and also takes a large role in seeking the fortitude to persevere under difficult circumstances.

Brown is a grounding and soothing color. It is often used to balance out other factors and is common in protective spells. It is also often used alongside green to represent the Goddess as the Earth.

Gold is the color of wealth, power, and control. Money spells make extensive use of it, as do rites designed to call upon the Sun. It is regularly used to represent the God in magickal rituals.

Green is a color of growth, productive urges, fertility, prosperity, and regrowth. It is also common in money spells for financial success.

Orange is a warm, attractive color full of steady energy and magnetic power. It commonly used for comfort and warmth, as well as attractive spells.

Purple is associated with power, spiritual force, and psychic abilities. Success spells, spiritual consultations, and personal development all make full use of the color purple.

Red is color of passion, love, courage, and vigor. Love Spells make extensive use of red. It is also used in spells for health, energy, and overcoming anxiety.

Silver is the color of the moon and insight. It is regularly used in Divination spells and the exploration of mysteries. It is usually used to represent the Goddess in magick rituals.

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